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The Best Gold IRA Companies Online

A Head-to-Head Comparison of the Top Gold IRA Custodians in 2018.

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The Top Gold IRA Firms

Post Last Updated October 13, 2018

If you’re interested in buying gold for an individual retirement account, it can be confusing on who to invest with.

Everyone wonders “what is the best gold IRA company to deal with?”

In this 2018 buyers guide we’re going to tell you about the top 3 gold IRA companies in the US, which one is our top pick, and why.

Let’s get right into it.

The Best Gold IRA Companies in 2018

Quick-Comparison Chart

RankingCompany NameBCA ScoreBBB ScoreTrustLink ScoreFee StructureComplaints
1Regal Assets
(0 Complaints)
(0 Complaints)
$250 Flat Fee Annually - First Year Free!No Complaints
2LEXI Capital
(0 Complaints)
(0 Complaints)
$250 Flat Fee AnnuallyNo Complaints
3Cornerstone BullionAA
(0 Complaints)
(0 Complaints)
$200 Annually Choice*No Complaints
4Rosland CapitalAAA
(4 Complaints)
(23 Complaints)
$225 Flat Fee AnnuallyNo Complaints

Our #1 Top Pick – In Depth

Regal Assets LLC.

Third Party Ratings

  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • AAA Rating with the Business Consumer Alliance
  • 5 Star Rating on org

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Best Things About Working With Regal Assets:

  1. Live Video Feed of Your Gold Arriving in Storage
  2. First year of storage FREE
  3. Low yearly custodian fee
  4. Numerous Storage Options (US + Off-Shore)
  5. High Quality Customer Service (Phone + Live Chat)
  6. 7 Day Shipping Guarantee
  7. 24 Hour Turnaround for Gold Buy Back Plan

Downsides of Working with Regal Assets:

  1. $10,000 minimum required for IRA ($5000 for Cash Buys)
  2. Slow loading website at times

Why They're Our Top Gold IRA Custodian

Gold IRA CompaniesWhen choosing a gold ira company, trust and reputation should be the biggest concern. And the best way to gauge a company’s reputation is by learning what other people think of them.


Regal Assets is probably one of the biggest names in the Gold IRA and general gold investment game. They’ve been around for years and have accrued a stellar reputation with both customers and consumer watchdogs.

In fact, they’re one of the few gold ira custodians with both an A+ rating from the BBB and a AAA rating from the BCA.

Add the over 1000 reviews and 5 Star rating from TrustLink, and you can see why they’d be our #1 choice.

Gold IRA CompanyIn the Media

The company has also been featured in some of the biggest publications around – from Forbes to INC. and from Bloomberg to Smart Money, they’re the real deal.

Regal Assets was named one of the prestigious Inc. 500, coming in at #20 on the list of America’s fastest growing companies.

And it’s no wonder – their great customer service coupled with high degree of education and care given make it a go-to when people are looking to invest in gold.

Precious Metals IRAWhat They Do

Regal Assets LLC is a Texas-based company that can help you purchase and secure physical gold from start-to-finish.

They help everyday citizens around the globe purchase gold bullion and even store it for them for a low and fully transparent fee ($250 per year if you’re curious). They also help retired individuals and couples rollover their 401(k) and existing IRAs to gold-backs investments.

They’ve literally handled hundreds of millions of dollars in retirement account transfers. And if you’re looking to do the same, we suggest you choose Regal Assets.

Individual Retirement AccountWhat Their Clients Say

There are hundreds of stellar reviews across the internet about this company. And some high profile individuals also endorse them – including Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham and Lars Larson.

Check out what they say below:

Dennis Miller
Laura Ingraham
Lars Larson

The Bottom Line on Our Pick for Top Gold IRA Company

Bottom line – Regal Assets is a highly trusted source for not only gold investment products, but education and help.

The amount of information they provide to both clients and prospects is really astounding. From the free gold ira investment kit to their several reports, you know you’re in good hands when someone wants you to be educated to this degree.

Learn More About Regal Assets Today.

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A Word on Our Runner Up Picks

As you can see in the comparison chart above, there are many different options you can choose from when looking at which company to invest with.

A lot of them are also great companies. And we’re sure they do great work equally.

But in our opinion, there is only one clear-cut choice.

When it comes to your retirement savings, you don’t want to be dealing with second best if you can afford not to.

Luckily with their low minimum investment and flat-fee structure, you can deal with the best company out there (in our opinion).

But This Is Bigger Than Us...

Having said that above – there’s something important to remember. This is not investment or financial advice. It’s just a review of the best gold IRA companies online.

And this decision you’re about to make is something much bigger than us.

So, you MUST do your own due diligence when choosing the company you want to work with.

That’s why, more than simply recommending Regal Assets and leaving it at that, we strongly suggest you contact all the companies listed in our comparison chart.

Request their free information, go through it all and only then make your final decision.

Because then, it’s a fully informed decision. And you’ll be certain it’s the right one.

More About Our Rating Criteria

Gold IRAWhen we decided on who made the cut for the top gold ira companies to review, we looked at a number of different factors in our research.

They included:

  • Reputation
  • Investment Requirements
  • Services Provided
  • Customer Education & Support
  • Fees
  • Flexibility
  • Service Options

We combed through a variety of sources to gather information on this topic in the hopes of bringing you the answers you need.

If you feel we’ve missed any area or should delve deeper into a particular company, please feel free to contact us with your request.

What You Should Look for in a Gold IRA Company

When you’re doing your own due diligence and reviewing the gold ira options available to you there are several areas to focus on.

Third Party Reputation and Outside Testimonials

We shared some videos earlier of high-profile individuals who endorse Regal Assets. And their thoughts are valuable, no doubt.

But what’s even more valuable is unaffiliated, unbiased third party reviews and testimonails.

Go out at see what others are really saying about the company you’re researching. Great places for this are the Better Business Bureau, TrustLink and Business Consumer Alliance websites.

Another great place to look for real reviews is web forums and online communities.

The Companies Overall Systems and Practices

Another thing you want to compare between companies that buy gold for you is the way they do business.

Some questions to ask:

  • What is their Gold IRA fee structure? Is it a flat fee or does the fee grow with the size of the account?
  • How efficient is the delivery process?
  • What proof and assurances do they provide? How involved in the acquisition process are you allowed to be?
  • How safe is their storage and transportation? Are there any guarantees?
  • How flexible is the company? Is there a buy-back program?

All of the above questions will help you gauge the trustworthiness of the company being researched.

As we mentioned above, it’s a good idea to contact each company to ask them questions and request their free information kits before making a final decision.

Quality of Service Provided

We think that customer service is one of the most important factors to a business and a red-flag if it’s not done right.

When you’re talking to their sales agents, try to get a sense of their attitude, pushiness and other factors.

If you feel like you’re being pushed into a purchase, or you’re being dealt with rudely, it’s not a company you want to do business with.

Remember, the best companies make their customers’ comfort their #1 priority – even above “making the sale.”

Make a Fully Informed Decision

Don’t rely on just one source of information. Make sure you’re requesting detailed information from all the companies you’re interested in investing with.

How Much Gold Should You Own

So you’ve made up your mind – you’re going to protect some of your wealth by purchasing gold coins or gold bullion.

Great – how much should you buy?

Well, this is a very personal question. It’s not one that we can answer because each person’s situation is going to be different. Their goals in investment are also going to be different.

Having said that, some financial advisors recommend that a person take between 5-10% of their annual income and store it in gold (again, we are not making that recommendation to you – this is NOT financial/investment advice).

Others say that if you’re looking at diversifying your IRA, gold holdings could be anywhere between 5-20% in size.

Why a Gold IRA in 2018?

There has never been a better time than right now to have a gold IRA as part of your retirement portfolio.

In fact, in uncertain times (and even stable times) gold is looked at as a safe-haven, of sorts.

There are a couple of different reasons for this.

The Main Benefit of Holding Precious Metals

Owning precious metals (especially gold, which has served as a store of value throughout history) essentially serves as a hedge against a declining dollar or unchecked printing of currency.

Most other assets can follow the rises and dips of the dollar, while a rise in gold consistently correlates with dips in the value of a dollar. This can give your investment portfolio additional protection in case the value of your currency declines.

What does that mean?

First, gold (and silver for that matter) both serve as a store of value. Since no one has any claim to the gold owned and stored physically by another person, gold doesn’t have contractual value.

As a result, one ounce of gold today will be worth one ounce of gold ten years from now, no matter what happens. With that said, the price of gold changes, but the value of gold never does.

The only reason that the price changes on a daily basis is because the value of the currency that the gold is being bought and sold in changes.

In other words, there is only a set amount of gold in the earth’s crust. However, paper money can be printed in excess all day long. In theory, the price of gold should increase relative to the number of dollars that exist, because this makes the demand for dollars less relative to the demand for gold, thereby pushing the price of gold up.

The Crisis Commodity

Gold is often called the “crisis commodity” because it is seen as a safe-haven when times are uncertain. If there is political or economic instability around the globe, investors tend to flock to gold.

In times of crisis (think war or economic crashes) governments tend to increase the printing of money. So savvy investors may think to put that money into gold, whose production cannot be increased without bounds.

Beyond that the metal is seen as a hedge against both inflation and deflation and has intrinsic value. It’s not only used in jewelry but also electronics and through various industries. And there’s only a limited amount. Supply and demand is fundamental to the reputation gold has garnered.

The Failure of Fiat Currency

Whether the global stock markets are up, down, or level, gold will continue to maintain its value. Furthermore, there have been many instances throughout history where a fiat (paper-based) money system completely fails.

That doesn’t mean that the US dollar is going to go down in flames, no. And it doesn’t mean that the Euro is absolutely going to crash. However, it does mean that there is a good likelihood that the currency systems of today will not be around for the new currency systems of tomorrow.

As a result, we can garner the idea that currency isn’t money, because money is a store of value and currency is not. “Cash” is actually debt.

So, having gold protects an individual from systemic currency risk.

You Have Life Insurance, Why Not Money Insurance?

Truly, we purchase gold for the same reason that we purchase life insurance. Not owning gold is akin to having no insurance for your currency accounts. That would be crazy!

And besides that, gold also performs extremely well as an “investment” when the markets are volatile, there is political unrest, and war is on the horizon.

So, by purchasing the shiny, yellow metal, you are not only gaining insurance protection…you are also gaining investment exposure to an entirely new investment sector.

Keep in mind, though, storing money “in gold” doesn’t mean buying gold stocks or ETFs. That is something entirely different.

No, storing money in gold means that you actually own gold – the metal – physically.

The difficult thing about doing this on one’s property is that a high level of security is not afforded to those gold purchases, since anyone can break in and steal your gold at any time.

As a result, the best plan of action is to open a precious metals IRA. With a gold IRA, you can make a contribution of your choice and own the metal, without physically holding it.

Those funds will be used to purchase the metal, which will then be stored in a highly secure location, notated to you, and insured against every kind of theft and malfeasance–all at the cost of a few dollars in expense fees per year.

In this manner, you can gain investment exposure to gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, you have physical ownership of the precious metals at all times, and you can access your metals tax-free when you retire (since the metals are bought with after-tax dollars).

And you are getting all of this with a high-security assurance backed by full insurance.

If you are looking to open a metals IRA, you should consider looking at Regal Assets. They are definitely our top pick when it comes to the best gold IRA companies out there.

They are a physically-backed gold IRA company, and they offer some of the best rates on their IRAs and customer service in the business.

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