Gold IRA Rollover

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Rollover Your 401(k) to a Gold IRA

Gold IRA RolloverWhen researching options for retirement, one is often faced with a variety of options. It is important to ensure that your retirement portfolio is well-diverse and that one invests in a variety of avenues.

The most commonly suggested investments are the individual retirement account (IRA) or 401(K). An even safer option is the gold-backed IRA. If you are concerned with the inflation or the fleeting economy, a gold-backed IRA may be the best option!

Gold is a limited resource and it cannot be reproduced such as paper money. The world is running out of gold mines that are available. Because of its limitedness, gold holds it value much longer than paper money.

With the United States’ and global economies driving into a very uncertain future, it is important to consider what is the safest option for your money. A stock market crash, such as that in 2008, is a definite possibility in the years to come. Our national debt is growing at an alarmingly fast pace with no end in sight and inflation is occurring.

Gold and other precious metals have stood the test of time throughout history as a valid option. Historically, even while economies have crashed, the value of gold has stood strong or increased.

Rollover 401(k) to Physical Gold Bullion IRAPaper currencies can fail and decrease in value. All too often, countries print paper currency that is not backed by gold and, in the United States, the value has fallen over 97%! While our economy has faced turbulent times, you do not want to leave your money in jeopardy. Unfortunately, many lost part of their investments in the crash of 2008 and it is time to allow your money to make money.

Maybe you have already opened multiple retirement accounts; this is not a worry! While there are a multitude of options in the investment world, there are many that allow rolling part of your investment into a gold rollover. The easiest is a self-directed IRA where you have full control over your investments.

It is important to talk to a financial advisor. Some companies only allow rollovers to paper investments of gold, but there are plenty that allow rollovers to physical gold bullions. Of course, there are other options than gold-backed IRAs. Investments in gold mining is another avenue for your retirement portfolio. But, it is important to have more than just investments; you want to own gold as well. A Gold IRA reduces the volatility of your portfolio.

It is typically asked how much of your retirement portfolio should be in precious metals. The average suggested amount is five to ten percent of your portfolio. If you are investing large amounts of money (over $50,000), the suggested amount increases to five to thirty-five percent. For the average investor, sticking to one precious metal, such as gold, is recommended.

Rollover Your IRA into GoldFor those that are making a larger investment, a combination of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, is recommended. Talk to a financial advisor about what is the best, and safest, option for your retirement portfolio.

Now, you may be wondering how you can even begin this process. If this is the first time you have read or thought about a gold-backed IRA, it is a lot to think about. A company to consider as you are researching is Regal Assets. Regal Assets is one of the leading precious metal dealers in the United States and your investments are tax free!

When you choose to invest with Regal Assets, you will be working with an accredited custodian who will ensure that your gold is investment grade gold up to the IRS standards. They will work with you through the entire process, answering any and all questions that you may have.

You will have no worries about the safety of your money; Regal Assets has a 5 star customer service rating and a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Regal Assets has been featured in Forbes magazine and Smart Money. Regal Assets is your best and safest option when investing in a gold-backed IRA!