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Gold IRA Company Reviews

Gold IRA CompaniesThere has never been a better time than right now to have a gold IRA as part of your retirement portfolio. There are a couple of different reasons for this.

First, gold (and silver for that matter) both serve as a store of value. Since no one has any claim to the gold owned and stored physically by another person, gold doesn’t have contractual value.

As a result, one ounce of gold today will be worth one ounce of gold ten years from now, no matter what happens. With that said, the price of gold changes, but the value of gold never does.

The only reason that the price changes on a daily basis is because the value of the currency that the gold is being bought and sold in changes.

The Best Gold IRA Companies

In other words, there is only a set amount of gold in the earth’s crust. However, paper money can be printed in excess all day long. In theory, the price of gold should increase relative to the number of dollars that exist, because this makes the demand for dollars less relative to the demand for gold, thereby pushing the price of gold up.

Gold IRA Company Reviews Most financial advisors recommend that a person take between 5-10% of their annual income and store it in gold. Whether the global stock markets are up, down, or level, gold will continue to maintain its value.

Furthermore, every fiat (paper-based) money system in history has a 100% fail rate. That doesn’t mean that the US dollar is going to go down in flames, no. And it doesn’t mean that the Euro is absolutely going to crash.

However, it does mean that there is a good likelihood that the currency systems of today will not be around for the new currency systems of tomorrow. As a result, we can garner the idea that currency isn’t money, because money is a store of value and currency is not. So, having gold protects an individual from systemic currency risk.

Truly, we purchase gold for the same reason that we purchase life insurance. Not owning gold is akin to having no insurance for your currency accounts. That would be crazy!

And besides that, gold also performs extremely well as an “investment” when the markets are volatile, there is political unrest, and war is on the horizon. So, by purchasing the shiny, yellow metal, you are not only gaining insurance protection…you are also gaining investment exposure to an entirely new investment sector.

Keep in mind, though, storing money “in gold” doesn’t mean buying gold stocks or ETFs. No, storing money in gold means that you actually need to own the gold physically. The difficult thing about doing this on one’s property is that a high level of security is not afforded to those gold purchases, since a robber can break in and steal your gold at any time.

Gold IRA Company As a result, the best plan of action is to open a metals IRA. With a metals IRA, you can make a contribution of $5,500/year into the metal of your choice. Those funds will be used to purchase the metal, which will then be stored in a highly secure location, notated to you, and insured against every kind of theft and malfeasance–all at the cost of a few dollars in expense fees per year.

In this manner, you gain investment exposure to gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, you have physical ownership of the gold at all times, and you can access your metals tax-free when you retire (since the metals are bought with after-tax dollars). And you are getting all of this with a high-security assurance backed by full insurance.

If you are looking to open a metals IRA, you should consider looking at Regal Assets. They are a physically-backed gold IRA company, and they offer some of the best rates on their IRAs in the business.

We hope that this article has served to give you insight on just how critical it is to own gold as part of your retirement portfolio. If you haven’t done so already, today is the day to open a gold IRA!